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Life is Difficult - Life is Beautiful

Many years ago, I read the book “The Road Less Traveled” by Scott Peck. The first sentence in the first chapter of the book states, “Life is difficult.” At the time, I bought this book for some spiritual and emotional guidance and THAT’s the first line of the book? WTF. Admittedly I was in my mid 20’s when I read it, still under the illusion from my carefree college days that life would always be…fun. It wasn’t long before life busts you in the gut and says, “hello, and welcome to the real.”

Wisdom teachers throughout the ages have preached this. It has taken me many years and many experiences to accept it as true. Life is a series of problems. As Peck says further along in the book, do we want to moan about them, or solve them? I have done my share of moaning. I’ve since worked on the solving.

There is a lot of heavy energy in the world today. Too much hate; too much separation; too much blindness to the interconnectedness of everyone; loved friends and family coping with some really difficult realities.

What to do?

Accept this truth. Life is difficult. And accept another truth. Life is beautiful.

This earth, this life offers so much loveliness. And we get to experience it with the incredible gifts of our senses. Did a song ever soothe you or raise your spirits? Has a sunset or sunrise ever taken your breath away? Have you ever delighted in the smell of the dew on the grass on a spring morning? Has a hug from a friend ever comforted you or shown you affection? Experience love, in any way shape and form?

I was out for a walk this evening after a long day. The nearly full moon, softened by a thin layer of translucent clouds was rising in the east as the western sky was gently fading from red to pink to light blue to dark. Breathtaking.

Yes, life is beautiful, and difficult, a mysterious coexistence. The key for me is holding those two opposing forces not as either/or...but…this/and.

Life is difficult. Life is beautiful. I love life and I’m grateful for all of it.

P.S. This video on gratefulness is a fav and one I go to often as a reminder of the beauty of life. Enjoy.

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