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We Begin Again

We took down the Christmas decorations yesterday. It’s a strange contrast from putting them up right after Thanksgiving.

Decorating for Christmas and the holidays is a warm visit to the past. Placing the ornaments on the tree elicits fond memories of people I’ve known and places I’ve visited. A precursor to new memories soon to be created.

I used to dislike taking down the tree and decorations. It was a stark reminder of the holidays being over and how quickly they passed. But now, I no longer mind putting them away for another year. I actually have come to love the ritual of it. Things cleaned up, the slate (and the house) cleared, new beginnings.

Maybe this year more than ever before, I am aware of the wonderful possibilities and adventures awaiting me, awaiting all of us in 2019. I am more attuned to knowing my life will change again this year, maybe in small ways, maybe incredibly brilliant ways. I understand I will be a different person a year from now. A year older, yes. But hopefully a little wiser, a little kinder. Meet new friends along the way and strengthen long-standing ones. Greet life challenges. Meet LIFE and all it brings! Staying present to all the beauty and love life offers this year, knowing it always flows…always.

So here’s to 2019. Always, we begin again.

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