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"When was your last great conversation with someone?" - John O'Donohue

John O’Donohue is a spiritual guide for me. Ironically, we were born the same year. Though he passed from this world in 2008, he is very much present to me through the words and wisdom he offers. I recently finished rereading the book, “Walking In Wonder” written with and through O’Donohue by his friend John Quinn. Quinn writes, “One of the questions John loved to pose was ‘when was your last great conversation with someone?’”

In this day of tweets and texts and instant messages, this question seems more relevant than ever. Do you remember what it’s like to have a great conversation with someone?

For me, a great conversation is a great connector. Sharing ideas. Agree. Disagree. Gain a new perspective. Maybe connect some dots where there was no connection. The ability to be open and vulnerable in a safe space without judgment. And a great conversation involves listening. Active listening. Avoiding thinking about what I want to say next and really stay aware and focused on what someone is saying. Asking questions. .

A great conversation is a journey to go deep with someone you trust and who trusts you. It’s not only verbal but bodily reactions you see and emotions you feel. Where to hold a great conversation? In a coffee shop, wine bar, on a park bench or a hike in a forest. A quiet place where we can talk freely.

When was the last time you had a great conversation?

“Good conversation is the enemy of falsity, facade and shallowness. It chases the truth of things, it demolishes the flimsy foundation of façade and it penetrates the depths so as to soar into unfolding possibility.” - John Quinn, Walking in Wonder

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