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Endless Summer

August 1st is this Thursday...yes, already. School administrators are back at it and the kids are soon to follow.  Back to school supplies ads have been out for weeks.  And...I saw a pumpkin beer show up on the shelves at Kroger this weekend.  Yikes!  (pushing it a little, don't you think?)  

August has become one of my favorite months.  It took me a while to develop an appreciation.  The going back to school thing (back when I was going to school!!) always put a damper on it.   I LOVE summer. I hang onto every last second of it.  I savor the warm days and summer evenings.  While the firefly's have mostly disappeared, the crickets have emerged for their nightly symphonies.  This time of year is made for relaxing and taking it easy.  August is a long, slow sip of endless summer. 

There have been summers where by the end of August, I'm ready for the fall season, even as I cling to those last hazy, lazy days.   Maybe not so much this year.  We've had some hot stretches but it rained practically the entire month of June.  So I'm good with extending the warm weather.  (I'm a little weird in that regard since most people I know don't like the hot weather)  

Hello August. Let's play.

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